Direct Port Application

Notes for Direct Port Application:

  • Divide the final flow amongst the DP jets
  • Allow one extra jet for IAT cooling, normally twice the size of the DP jet. (re-calculate DP jet)
  • Ideally the DP jet should have an external or internal check valve to minimise vacuum induced after-spray
  • Insert an high pressure inline filter before the FAV to minmise the risk of clogging
  • Order extra jet adaptors (806-357N) - Std. kit comes with two
  • Recommend using the Aquamist Hex Manifold. (comes standard with all compression fittings)
  • Optional PTFE (4mm) is optional but ideal for combating the heat in the engine compartment. Essential for track or rally events
  • Keep hose run to the DP jets as short as possible. Not necessarily need to be equal length
  • Contact us for your unique application before ordering

Other Details:

  • Contents: Full kit without water tank
  • Std. jets: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0mm (if not specified with order)
  • Version: v3