HFS4-V3.1 System

The most advanced system to date

Product Description

In keeping with the excellent integration with the Di engines, the latest HFS4-v3.1 is packed with even more capabilities. An additional AUX input (0-5V) allows the system to alter flow based on air, exhaust temperature or air fuel ratio. If one of signals exceeds a pre-set level, failsafe will be triggered to protect your engine. The standard turbine flow sensor based failsafe remains.

A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on a PWM signal from the HF4 controller. The FAV enables superior linearity and atomization across the entire injection range. A constant line pressure (160 psi) is provided by an Aquatec pump working in the “by-pass” mode. This method is very similar to the conventional fuel injection systems, allowing wide dynamic range and lighten responses to engine load.

The combination of quality components, superior method of delivery and a precision Di signal decoding algorithm, the HFS4-v3 remains to be the most advanced and capable water/methanol injection system in the world to date.

Choosing water/methanol flow for your application:

  • 100% water: 10-15% water/fuel ratio or 0-5- 1cc per BHP
  • M50/W50: 15-20% MW/fuel ratio or 1-1.5cc per BHP
  • 100% methanol: 20-25% methanol/fuel ratio or 1.5-2cc per BHP

Selecting the correct jet or jets for the required flow:

  • Calculate the pressure by subtract the 160psi pump pressure by the pressure
  • Select the jet or jets from true pressure from the chart below (compensated)
  • Always pick the next size up or allow 10-15% more to allow more headroom

** Please note the HFS4 supports all DI engines under the universal option

Notes on Direct Port application:

  • Divide the final flow amongst the DP jets
  • Allow one extra jet for IAT cooling, normally twice the size of the DP jet. (re-calculate DP jet)
  • Ideally the DP jet should have an external or internal check valve to minimise vacuum induced after-spray
  • Insert a high pressure inline filter before the FAV to minimise the risk of clogging
  • Order extra jet adaptors (806-357N) - Std. kit comes with two
  • Recommend using the Aquamist Hex Manifold. (comes standard with all compression fittings)
  • Optional PTFE (4mm) is optional but ideal for combating the heat in the engine compartment. Essential for track or rally events
  • Keep hose run to the DP jets as short as possible. Not necessarily need to be length

Other Details:

  • Contents: Full kit without water tank.
  • Std. jets: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0mm (if not specified with order)
  • Version: v3