At Cool Runnings Engineering, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on attention to detail ensuring a perfect customer experience. Experts in the customisation and installation of water injection systems, Cool Runnings Engineering provides tailored packages that best suits our customer’s needs.

With our in-depth technical knowledge, Cool Runnings Engineering has partnered with Aquamist as the Australian National Distributor for their product range. We provide essential feedback from our development process aiding continual system innovation.

Aquamist Supported Brands

Horsepower, efficiency and emissions gains for your turbocharged / supercharged vehicle


The purpose of an engine is to transform the chemical energy found in fuel, into kinetic energy or motion. During this process which we know as combustion, a lot of heat is produced. Aquamist Water Injection Systems help to tackle the issue of heat, bringing your intake temperatures down and you power figures up.


Aquamist Water Injection Systems can work on any engine, but we see the most results on turbocharged models. Water has the highest specific heat capacity of any other liquid known to man and twice that of ethanol.

This means that to raise the temperature of water, by so much as one degree, takes an enormous amount of heat energy. Water injection is so good at enabling turbo charged engines to produce massive power that it was banned during the turbocharged era of Formula One.


We met Nick the owner of this Audi S3 a few years ago, and he was planning on having a water injection system fitted to his car. The Audi S3 runs a fully-built 2.0-litre turbo engine, put together by Integrated Engineering in the USA.

The Aquamist Water Injection System was installed on this car because it allowed Nick to run more timing, and more boost. E85 wasn't an option with this S3, so water injection was used to increase horsepower. Check out our video!


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