Products And Services

Experts in the customisation and installation of Aquamist Water Injection Systems

Products & Services

We currently offer the full range of Aquamist products, including the HFS4 version 3.1, the most advanced water injection system to date.

We tailor packages, providing our clients specialist advice in maximising the performance of their system.

We also provide post sales tech support, to ensure that any challenges faced during the installation, set up, or tuning, are easily overcome and that maximum performance and safety is achieved.

Our Products

  • Aquamist Product range
  • Custom Product Range

Our supply package includes:

  • Current system capability assessment
  • Tailored WI system options
  • Additional reliability and performance improvement assessment
  • Supply + Delivery of Aquamist System
  • DIY installation (don’t worry, we’ve got your back with some technical support)

Supply and Install Package includes:

  • Our tailored Supply Package Plus….
  • Bespoke mounting kit - Ask about our premium invisible kits!
  • Specialist installation - Yep, We’ll do it all for you!

Premium install package:

“This is all the bells and whistles – to your specification of course!”

  • We will tailor our premium install package to suit your requirements
  • We will configure your system to unlock all the advanced features the Aquamist has to offer.

One for the real enthusiast

Tuning support

  • We’ll be there every step of the way during your tuning process ensuring a seamless transition into the world of Water Injection

If you have any questions you'd like to know about Aquamist or any other product we offer, please send us a message on our Contact Us page.